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About HSA

Mission Statement
The mission of Habersham County Success Academy is to graduate all students prepared for life after high school.
About The School
Habersham Success Academy
Our vision for the Habersham County Success Academy is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to be responsible, productive members of their communities. Administrators will support and teachers will employ diverse methods to help students reach their fullest potential and become well-rounded citizens of character.
Vision and Goals:

* Improve student achievement

*Reduce the drop out rate

* Improve reading skills

* Develop productive citizens

* Improve student ability to make responsible choices


*All students have a right to learn

*Increasing reading skills enhances academic success

*Promoting self-responsibility for learning produces life long learners who exhibit self-confidence

*Positive parent/student/school relationships promote academic, social and emotional success.

Committed to helping students achieve success: academically, emotionally and socially.